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Pipe line association

The National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR), established in 1982, is an organization of state agency pipeline safety managers who are responsible for the administration of their state's Pipeline Safety Programs. NAPSR provides an effective mechanism for fostering the federal/state partnership through 52 state agencies whose mission is, "to strengthen state pipeline safety programs through promotion of improved pipeline safety standards, education, training, and technology".
The PODS Association, Inc. is a non-profit pipeline trade association charged with the specific mandate of developing and maintaining pipeline data standards and data interchange standards for the pipeline industry. These standards primarily include pipeline operations, facilities, integrity management and regulatory compliance. The Association manages and maintains the PODS? data model.

By becoming a a member of the PODS? Association, you have a direct say in the development and content of PODS? Association and data standards that are developed. Your organization will not only directly influence the content of PODS?, but will benefit from the collective experience and expertise of the pipeline industry, vendor community and the many specialized consultants that form the association.

Serving as a national associationof merit shop pipeline contractors, APCA was founded in 1971 as a regional alliance to promote the mutual interests and address industry concerns of its members and associates. The scope of services range from security issues to providing key industry information and assistance, such as:Continuing education on labor and employment issues and regular updates provided by a leading law firm specializing in the pipeline industry.Continuing education on important, strategic laws and regulations governing the pipeline industry.
The Florida Energy Pipeline Association (FEPA) represents Florida's largest transmission pipeline companies. Our members are leaders in providing safe and reliable long-distance energy transportation. FEPA is dedicated to ensuring an efficient and reliable transmission pipeline industry in Florida, in a manner that emphasizes public safety, pipeline integrity, social and environmental stewardship, and cost-competiveness.

More than 3,500 miles of interstate energy transmission pipeline quietly, reliably and efficiently deliver natural gas and petroleum throughout Florida for heating, cooling, cooking and other uses.

The Pipe Line Contractors Association was established in 1948 and negotiates labor agreements, encourages safe practices in pipeline construction and seeks the resolution of problems common to all those in the industry.